Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bad Liars

My brother-in-law's truck ran into a problem as it was parked outside a gas station for gas. I'll just go ahead and call him "John One" as I'll be writing also about my other brother-in-law John whom I'll call "John Two".

John Two (the family Grease Monkey) came to my house the other night and so we decided to check John One to see what we should do with his problematic truck. We drove (his truck) down to Arabwal where we found and informed him that we needed his assistance pretty badly. We had parked his truck out of sight where John Two and I thought John One won't find it. He asked us "why" and we simply informed him we ran into the guardrails heading down from Capitol Hill.

John One just excused himself and went off into the dark and boy-did we really mess up. John One walked towards where we had parked his truck and-yeah, he saw it because he really shouted back towards our direction "YOU LIARS". As the saying goes "Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine". We thought he walked into the dark to relieve himself but boy-did we think wrong, the "Local Marine" conducted his recon and found his parked truck. So okay, the Grease Monkey and I make bad liars. Now the truck is really parked for good as it won't even bother to run.

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