Friday, February 22, 2008

Going, going, gone North

Dawn on Pagan's east coast where the boys call it "JURASSIC PARK" for its ghostly rock formation.
The village of Pagan in the foreground right above the water level. Note the rising smoke from the top of the "Buutkaan".
Sid & Sandy "Paganese" Castro-out to meet the boys on the ship. Sandy is the real McCoy with four consecutive years residency under his belt. He speaks so many dialects that he can communicate with the silos, the sibwa, waake and many other creatures including his best dog buddies on Pagan whom I can only name a few such as Buutkaan, Boboy, Na-ture and Soba. He can also speak to the abundant fishes and other sea living creatures too.

The Santos Boys of Alamagan loading Saipan bound cargo "da NAVY SEALS style". Surfs' a bid rough that loading was impossible from the regular loading/off loading landing beach.
All attempts keep goods dry-but how with the every rising surf? No problemo!!! ALAMAGAN SEALS at work.
Flores na Gindai on da lines off the south-east coast of Alamagan.
Be it Onaga or White Tuna. Francis and Ton can catch them free-diving with a pair of goggles using a single empty bottle of Soju full of air down to a mare 200 meters deep of water. The thing about it though is, they have to dive bare butt naked or the fish don't come to them.
Just one of the many gigantic Wahoos that just come flying onto the ship without using a single line or hook. They just come landing on the deck for no apparent reason but probably thinking "please take me home and fry me".

Francis with one of the PRIZE CATCHES.

Joe "Ay Baybay" Manalo just wants to jump ship and swim ashore onto Alamagan already.
If the pictures aren't so interesting for some, then maybe the following anecdote will be...

Joe "Ay Baybay" and Ton "Suicidal"-each have a farm worker. One day they decided to get together and have a bar-b-q when Joe Ay Baybay said "you know what par? I think my farmer is a bid slow with communication" Ton Suicidal goes "why do you say that par" and Joe Ay Baybay replies "wait" and calls on his worker "Peppito", Peppito (his worker) comes running "yes boss". Joe Ay Baybay took out a dollar bill and says "take this dollar bill, run to the store and get us ten cases of beer, "yes boss" replies Peppito as he runs off to the store.

Ton Suicidal turns to Joe Ay Baybay and says "you think your worker is slow, wait and see what my worker can do". He calls on his worker "Carlito" and Carlito comes running, "yes boss". Ton Suicidal tells him "run to my house, see if I'm there. If I'm not there, call me on my cell phone". "Yes boss" replies Carlito as he also runs off on this errand given by boss Ton.

Along the way, Peppito and Carlito met when Carlito asked "ay parre, wherr yu go'n". Peppito replied "parre, I tink my boss is crazy. He tell me to go to da store to buy ten case of beer with dis wan dolla, but how am gone to carry ten case of beer"

"Ai parre" goes Carlito "you think yo boss is crazy. My boss is plenty more crazy" "Why parre" asked Peppito. Carlito continued "he tell me to run to his house, check if he's der and if he's not der, I call him on his cell phone-but I don know his cell phone number".

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