Monday, June 23, 2008



I was awaken from my "power nap" by our youngest son as he was handing me the phone saying "uncle Wayne". Wayne is presently residing in Salem, Oregon and his call sort of got me a bit worried this time. You see, our aunt Vicky was admitted in a hospital somewhere in Portland as she is still awaiting operations. This was why I was a bid worried by Wayne's call.

No greetings or anything but sort of like he was just calling from the neighbor's house to invite me for a drinking session.

I took the phone and listened for a while. I can hear other people in the background and were a little too loud compared to my weariness then I answered, "hello"he goes"Tikk, can you tell me what large reefs we got back there that are good fishing spots" I got to thinking for awhile, "what da hell is Wayne up to..." and responded back to his inquiry "Esmeralda" and he yells "Esmeralda", then I heard several voices in the background as if surprised and repeated after my brother "Esmeralda". Then Wayne comes back and asked "any more reefs that you know of" and I told him "Zalandia" and just as Wayne repeated Zalandia, more yells came from the background and I had to asked Wayne just what the heck he was up to. He said they were just sitting and talking of fishing spots (located) here at home but no one among them knew their names so that was the reason of his call. "They weren't just sitting and talking, I bet (everyone a dollar) they were sitting, talking and drinking too". And for you my brother Wayne, the picture above tells a whole lot of story in itself.

Among those sitting and talking (besides looking at the camera lens), mixing up a chew or two and drinking, these are just a few of the fishermen that can sum up a great (if not good) fishing stories of the Northern Islands. And the next time you decide to give me a call, ask first how I or my pet puppy are doing. Arra so?

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CNN-Island Style said...

Nice photo...of Bulacheros!!! Nice story too...unlike the rest of us, u retired, served and sued(just for the hell of it) so if you want more mostings on CNN...Gosh Dangit!!! Post it yoursewf!