Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer In

Our grandson will be turning 3 years old come July and we have yet to plan on what to do on his birthday. Well, with the strain and burdensome economic situation we are presently experiencing, maybe a small family bar-b-que to show some love on his birthday.
Anyhow, he and I were glued to his favorite television channel-2 when power abruptly shuts off, he turned to me with a "what da hell" look and said "si Lucy". I asked "what about 'si Lucy" when he said "si Lucy turned off da power" I can't help but laugh as I came to understand what he meant by "si Lucy". He was simply telling me "...C.U.C. turned off the power".
I told my 2nd oldest son to cut the grass down at our mom's place approximately two weeks ago today. He did just that and was later dropped off to our house by our folks later that evening. He had used my brush cutter on that day and because I had not seen him when he was dropped off, I had no idea whether he had brought it back, so the next morning, I went out to the storage to see if he had brought it back. The gas container, the brush cutter line and my pair of cutters which he had also brought with him on this particular mission, were in the storage but no brush cutter.
I called him out and asked if he had brought the brush cutter back after cutting the grass when he simply told me that he had already put it back into the storage. I just told him to go look because I just can't seem to find it except for the three other items. He looked, came back and said he had stored it back in the storage but isn't there anymore. I asked if he had loaned it to anyone else but only stated he had not.
I didn't make a great deal out of the present situation as I only thought that maybe a family member had come and borrowed the brush cutter without us knowing. Besides, we woke up very late that morning and maybe they came and took it while we slept. A few days past and my better half started saying "maybe someone came and stole it" but I just thought "why would they only steal my brush cutter and not the rest of my tools". Not long after that, I began thinking the same thought as my wife except furious over what others would do with other people's belonging. Just a final word on this matter, "I truly hope whoever took my brush cutter would truly enjoy operating it, without it kicking debris into both his eyes and blind them"-just a thoughtful curse.
The boys left on a fishing trip north again. This time around, only my par (West), my brother in law John and the Master Canoe carver Tuughumaay (and 9 other crew members) went on it. The boat will off load passengers in Alamagan, Pagan and Agrigan prior to heading all the way north where a national monument has been proposed. This should be an exciting trip as it will be this voyages first trip to the last island to the north. Can't wait to hear about it from the boys.

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