Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to LIFE

HE's ALIVE or better yet-"he's finally tired of playing dead and has decided to come back to the living world". And with all those forgotten and neglected years comes payback-coupled by several dull patches of gray hair ".  And that my friend is the outcome for being the grand dad to an additional (4 and still counting) grand kiddos aside from Devin who had inched not only in height but to include in circumference.  Yes and I'll admit I've neglected blogging but the other night while toying around the net, yes, i said "toying" and that's for the simple fact that, had I been 'surfing' with this gadget clearly identified by your kind as an iPad, it would have been dripping wet from all my surfing the net with which brings me to another situation.  Had you not paid attention or even bothered to read the Users Manual that should have been included with your hardware?  If so, don't worry for you're not alone and I'm thrilled to say, I'm damn lucky for not been on the list of  all 'you' ignorant idiots who just wanna jump right into operating the hardware without going over the manual.  Truth is, this piece of hardware I'm utilizing now doesn't even belong to me and when I took it, there wasn't a manual anywhere near it for me to review prior to operating it.  But that doesn't make me an idiot like you because I have my very own personal back-up hardware.  It's not what you call iPad but rather the most sophisticated and idiot proof piece that will never be available anywhere.  So to all you proud iPad owners, I'm proud to introduce to you-MyPat.  And may I add that it's User Friendly but to simply put it in layman's term, even a new born is not a problem with MyPat as it's an ALL TIME Virus Free version (unless of course attracted from me).

Anyway, in your hardware's package (again depending if you had gotten it lawfully and not just snatched it off from the neighbor's picnic table), is a booklet or the manual which an idiot like yourself would have skipped reading or simply thrown in the garbage but had you taken the time to even glance through, you would have come across some of the things you should avoid to prolong the life of your equipment so se'rap yo mouf and allow me to list a few given examples and I promise you not that I will be quick with it so here they are:

  1. use as a beer coaster 
  2. use as your chaser platter or serving tray
  3. use as a personal visor to shade your ugly face from the scorching sun
  4. hold over your (other) head to shield the rain from your crummy hair
and here's the moronic one, "KEEP FROM GETTING WET or MOISTURE".  Now, can anyone please explain how one avoids their equipment from the moisture or from getting wet while 'surfing' the net, let alone, avoid it from getting tangled up in the net?  Duh!  I can practically go scuba diving at the Grotto with MyPat without having to worry so good luck on surfing (and getting tangled up) the net with your iPad.

But what was I here to write about?  You people are getting me off track with your monkey business and now I have to rewind.  Okay wait...OH!  There!  I got it now but please just bare with me because if you were in my (size 9wwwdotcom) choose, you'd be collecting your scattered brain off the floor which have been preventing you from thinking straight like me.  Wait!  Lami gachung.  I was just thinking of it but then I forgot again.  I think it's these constant 'authenticate' flashes in front of me that are preventing me from hacking into the main board planted in my head and had you not been staring down there, I would have been straight to the point from the get-go so SNAP OUT OF IT BIMBO!  It's the head up here I'm talking about.

Okay. I got it now. Like I said, I was "toying" on the net when I came across an old photo from some odd years back while stationed in Korea and I thought I'd share it with all you good smart...giving...friendly...very nice...oh-you get where I'm going so don't push it. I may just call you an idiot again. Now go have fun on the link below and I CAN HEAR YOU THINKING so keep your comments to yourselves.

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