Monday, August 12, 2013

Arizona Bound

My 2nd eldest son Kody called earlier this morning upon arriving at his final destination.  I was in the kitchen while he and his mom-MyPat conversed over the phone.  Although this is his first (long) lone travel ever taken as all his past travels were only from home to Garapan or a brisk walk down phase IV.

And so MyPat tells me our son was so tired, his behind had probably bruised or flattened more from seating on the long flight from Narita to Los Angeles onward to his final destination in Arizona. But all in all, he made it there in one piece, safe and sound.  Now, we just wait for any complaint(s) or positive input from him regarding his new atmosphere.

All his baggage made it through in one piece and now his sister is calling to find out more of his travel but that's not the real reason why she's calling.  It's their supply of ppu's the real reason she's calling.  That of course is on it's way to them as requested via 'the speediest way possible' and by that, I meant 'speediest speeding mach whatever' as MyPat shows me their ppu is already posted on FACEBOOK .  Son-a-by-gun!! That was fast but when it's my turn to get something, it goes around the world 3-4 times via 'snail mail' before it gets into my hands.  I so wanna own a fast jet for this sort of deliveries but then again, one would only say "dream on Ko, dream on".

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