Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Young Troopers

Tapochao Smart-A**

With both so eager to go stumbling in the jungles up in Mt. Tapochao with their non stop "please dad, please can we go 'rumble' in the jungle now?  I needed a break from the lawn mower so I called and finally assigned them each their position, "Devin, you're the Team Leader and James, you're the Squad Leader" to which he was very fast to reply in agreement, "aakay".  Not long into the bushes had we gone when the newly assigned Squad Leader started straying off on his own by not following the already well marked path.  Although his self chosen path left him squatting and crawling on all fours underneath the tangled bushes, shrubs & vines, it didn't seem to bother him any had there been (ambush ready) bees or ants along his path that would likely attack at any time.

Team Leader, Squad Leader, Dumb Leader (foregroud)
With the Team Leader probably feeling left behind by the young Squad Leader's unmindful manuevers, he started onto his own unchartered path as if he was somewhat into some competition with the other. Feeling a bit uneasy myself with the two, I sat and watch, the Squad Leader trying to find his way out from underneath the Pandanus to my right while the Team Leader found himself tangled up in some vines yelling out to his younger brother "Kenken, can you come help me" only to get a "wait, I can not get out cos this things are poking me".  I gathered them both.  Sat them down near me when the Squad Leader asked "so dad, what's a squad leader" and I told him, "he's the one that listens to the Team Leader" and he goes, "who, si Devin" I said "yeah".  It didn't take long before he asked again, "so dad, if Devin's the Team Leader and I'm the Squad Leader, what are you, the dumb leader".  Ass'na Juice!!!  Please don't make me hog tie this wise quack and leave him here for the mosquitos.

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