Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boys from Young 2 Old

My 2 grandsons (Devin & James) whenever together would turn the house upside down if left alone. I tell them "I don't want any of you messing up the house" and of course, they reply "okay" but left alone for a short while (when even your extra pair of eyes fixed in the back of your head don't seem to see what they're up to) toys are scattered all over, on the shelves, the floor, the dining table, our bedroom (not to mention those hidden under the blanket on my bed).  I tell them to pick them up and the older one would blame his younger brother-"it was Kenken" only to be followed by the younger ones long "NoOooO"  What ever they scattered and picked up were placed back into the toy box (at least we thought) but most of the small ones are discovered under the couch when it is moved to be cleaned underneath.

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The younger one is  self baptized by Uncle Pop (my brother in law Ton) because he would wanna do what ever else his older brother (Devin) wants to do.  If Devin wants a piece of paper to write, James would ask for one too.  If Devin wants to drink, James wants to drink water too.  So one time at the dinner table, James followed almost everything else his older brother did but what really got us was, Devin had finished his food while James is still working his way around the dreaded vegetables on his plate but when Devin quickly headed for the bathroom and without any sort of announcement from him, James jumps off his chair and was right behind his brother and when we asked where he thinks he was going, he was quick with "ammo'na go poo too"

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I wrote earlier about my 2nd oldest son (Kody) who had left for the mainland U.S.  He's okay (thank you for asking) but he called a couple of weeks ago and we talked for awhile and I can hear others in the background so I asked and told me who they were.  That they were spotting at the pool site which was not far from their room and that his cousins started going in because it was getting chilly but when I asked "what's the temperature there now" and came his wildest guesstimate "it's already 75".  The phone almost accidentally by intentionally disconnected with his unexpected reply.  I just told my son "Mount Tapochao at night gets into the mid or high sixties"..."yok".

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