Friday, August 24, 2007


Today's Friday and I found out some things on blogging. Like for instance, I got a hit on Northern Mariana Islands and came across a list of bloggers. Gus Kaipat with his interesting articles on Beautify CNMI and the occassional laughing style in writing. He's cool. Found out CNN-Saipan Style there on the same list. Too bad this (CNN) network doesn't feed us updates on matters pertaining our day to day activities. Come on Carol's New Network. Give us something new. I'd play tag with you if and only if Gus will give me the green light. And there's those cool pictures posted too by Tony Peters on his blog site. Keep them coming.

Okay now, gotta go. The laundry is screaming for a little detergent or (maybe) some Clorox. I don't know. Just gotta go check because man-this is tumble dry, I think.


Gus said...

No need to seek anyone's permission, Bwiibw. Shoot-2-roo-ngey oley! More stories of the good ol' days please. : )

Gus said...

My e-mail addy:

KapGert said...

Ey Meeta Feeri? What's the next episode? Wei-ting, weiting. LOL