Tuesday, August 28, 2007


He is my kompairi, my brother-in-law (married to my wife's sister) and my drinking buddy, a father of six girls who all lived together at one point before 3 of them started moving on their merry separate ways. He's an artist (give him a pain brush and he'll pain the world all over, a Uke and he'll dance you till you drop) a fisher-dad, a chef (for any occasion), an occasional "honey do", a scapegoat and a humble man for his family.

We were at his house together on one of our drinking sessions when he started talking about his experience with his wife and children. Julie (his loving wife of 69 years) was at work one day and so Tony decided to do some home cleaning as he was alone at home. He cut the grass in the yard, cleaned up the mess left in their kitchen and cooked up something for his family when they all come back home from school and work before he sludged back on his favorite couch for a flick session.

His daughters came from school, went into the kitchen and got some grub to eat before doing whatever else they wanted to do. The house had been cleaned by Tony so there was nothing left for them to do except maybe do their homework or watch some D.V.D. with him.

Julie came from work later and found dishes piled up in the sink and started yelling "whose dishes are this" but no reply came "do you people think I'm your house-worker here". That of course was all in Carolinian. Because none of their daughters dare claim prize to the mess in the kitchen sink, the reply came from their father "I'm sorry honey, I left them in there to soak"

If that wasn't enough covering for his daughters, came another day when Tony's wife went to use the bathroom and found a used sanitary napkin (KOTEX, TAMPAX-kompairi didn't elaborate) and here we go again-mom yelling whose it was to no reply from her daughters. I nearly drowned myself on beer to kompairin Ton's defense for his daughters (again all in Carolinian) "I'm sorry honey-that's mine. It's that time of the month for me and I totally forgot to dispose of that". Ai adai na famagu'on. Who is to be blamed?
The D.V.D.
He came home for a visit one time and before going back to their house I asked "so what's your agenda" he replied "...go back watch the D.V.D. again". "Which one are you going to watch now" I asked and he replied again "I don't know. I've seen them all but I'll just watch whatever" I asked again "have you seen THE MARINE" only to be replied "lania, seen it 3 times already today and if you haven't seen it, you can just give me 7 bucks and I'll gladly tell you a great plot on it" (Heller!!!!! THE MARINE flick had just been taken off The Movie House's list and my kompairi is already watching it on D.V.D.)
This is about the same thing that happened while my other kompairi and I were heading down to Rota. We were still at the commuter terminal that morning when pairi'n Paul got the mornings paper from a stand at the terminal. He was reading the paper while we waited for our boarding. During our flight to Rota I asked him "par can I see the paper" and he responded "just give me 50 cents and I'll tell you what's in it"
We finally arrived on Rota and on our way down to Songsong Village I asked my pairi'n Paul, "Par, have you been into that cave" he replied "yeah". I asked again "so what's in it" to his reply "give me 5 bucks and I'll tell you"
Man-that's a total deficit on my part had I paid both my kompairi's the tallied amount of $12.50. Do some people really do business this way. I'd like to apply for a business license.

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