Monday, August 27, 2007

Police Blue-Pers

Larry is such a fun guy to work with. I wouldn't brand him as a workaholic but a work-a-maniac. Our office was situated away from the main office in Susupe so there was only us and hardly visited by the bosses. We can play our music loud so long as you monitor your assigned Police radio for any calls that may come your way. Larry loves working night shifts and that's because there were less hassle to deal-less boss.

I have my own issued Police radio too, one in the vehicle I take home and one portable that I take with me everywhere I go. I was down at the Police Front Desk one night when he was dispatched to a crime scene. Knowing he was out of the office, I headed there and planned to scare him somehow when he returns. An hour passed and he never came back so I called the front desk by phone and asked if he had departed from the crime scene but he was still there processing. It wasn't anything major but Larry is one thorough crime scene processor who takes his time.

I wasn't about to spend another hour at the office waiting for him that night so I thought of how best to scare him even after I've left. I looked around inside the office and got our empty fingerprint powder plastic containers. These containers are round and about the same size as a powdered curry container except it has a twist off lid. I cut off a strip of paper, stapled one end right above the entrance door, rounded the strip of paper around the container which I turned upside down and voila, an instant trap. The lid of the container rested on the top of the door and when one opens it, it drops either to the floor or in this case, on Larry's head. I came back the next morning and there was no Larry in the office but found a note from him together with the container and strip of paper. His note read "Sarge, I think someone is trying to scare us out of this office".

20 for Tars

It was a weekend and not payday so Tars and I decided to go out and just do regular Patrol. The traffic light between the DFS and Hafa Dai Shopping Center along Beach Road Garapan was newly erected. There weren't much vehicle traffic but tourist were all over Garapan. We were heading south when the light turned red on the newly erected traffic light. He brought the vehicle to a stop and kept talking but I had my hundred-hundred vision on something that was on the roadside near the curb to our right. As the light turned green and Tars started to accelerate on the vehicle, the "something" turned out to be a $20. bill.

As soon as I told Tars of what I had just seen on the roadside, he didn't hesitate to flick on the emergency lights, made a U-turn and back on the southbound lane we were again. I was like "Tars, are you crazy. People are going to see and talk about us with your abrupt maneuver". He only laughed with the twenty in his hand and said "we can now go buy us chew".

Bikini inspector

Before any upgrades were made at the Marine Beach, there was nothing there but poor road conditions and the area mostly covered with shrub. We were making a periodic check down there only this time I was driving and Tars riding Shotgun. As we headed down towards the beach area, we observed a male Caucasian walking in the shallow water. Just a bit further down the beach area, the Police Cherokee abruptly sped up with Tars' excitement as he forcefully pushed my right knee forward causing my right foot to push on the accelerator pedal and at the same time "akkay bwe e addeka".

I wasn't aware at first of what he was so excited about until I managed to bring the vehicle to a stop with my left foot on the break. I looked to my left and saw what his excitement was all about. She just up and slowly wrapped herself with a towel. We both were laughing on our way out for both his stupid sudden move and my sudden fear of running the vehicle into the big rocks in front of us from his forceful acceleration. Worse off, we could have made the headlines.

Morgue Duty
Crime Scene Processing wasn't the most interesting job for me but sometimes funny. At one time, Security was heightened at the Governor's House including some Officials and the hospital. Larry had picked me up that night from my house as he needed assistance at the morgue. You know Larry, the scary type. We arrived sometime around 3:00 a.m. and met with the Police Officer posted there at the hospital.

The officer was somewhat a little ambilikeru so he asked if he could tag along with us. We went down to the morgue, found the name of the body tagged on the door to the chiller, pulled it out and prepared it for processing. We didn't take the tray containing the body out of the chiller, instead, we just worked from there.

We weren't there long but the whole time we were there, the chillers would make a knocking noise every five minutes probably when it kicks back in to cool mode or something. The first few times this knocks came, this bugga officer would always jump from one point to another with an occasional "mwaasemwaas" but finally left us when someone knocked on the door and he almost flew into the open chiller with the dead body.


Lex said...

Pranks at work are always awesome. Take Gus for instance. He came back from lunch one day to a blocked-off cubicle. We had pushed all shelves and filing cabinets in front of his cubicle and threw in everything else we could find to make it look like a store room hehe.

Btw, nice bloggage. I've linked ya to mine so I hope you don't mind the random comments here and there. Lebwong mwamwaai ngalugh =)

Gus said...



Me minding random comments Lex? you're more than welcome-PEACE