Sunday, September 23, 2007

Da 3 Stoogers

I was at the finakpo tonight where I met with my sister Agatha. To my surprise, she asked if I had updated my blog. "Embilikera hao na gurl adai". Anyhow, I'm glad she had looked up or browsed around on the web to find this "area" out. And if you really are interested that I blog about what we had touched base on tonight gurly, then here it is.

As Lito SkyRise
Some long, long time ago, (not b.c. or a.d.) lived three stoogers named John, Carl & Frank. This nay-guys used to bunk out-up in As Lito where Nana used to live. Remember Nana Leighemaal in previous blog? These three managed to built their own shack. First by erecting four poles, about 20 feet high, 15 feet apart and covered with tin roofing. The sides were all open and that's how they liked it to be-breezy. The shack flooring was about 10 feet high or so from the ground and no other non authorized persons were allowed up on the floor of their shack. Anyone wants to make conversation with them, they either sit at the bottom of the flooring and say their piece or sit on the grass right below and catch some rays while talking up to them. No Slack!

The three were like the look-out for As Lito as they had the high ground overlooking the Tangangtangang (local boonie area for those non Carolingual) and had a great view of the now paved road leading south to Koblerville from Shell Dandan. There weren't so many cars in those days and the three can easily tell whose car is running on the road, coming or going, whose dragging their car flaps in the pod holes or even if anyone is on the road walking. Man, the 3 had 50/50 vision (forget 20/20) in those days. C.U.C. was not a problem. They had their kerosene follud lit but even any would be enemy wouldn't be able to see it as it is always turned down low. So that's the As Lito SkyRise.

After Hours
One day these three decided to walk down to Chalan Kanoa Elementary School basket court and shoot some hoops. The daylight quickly turned into darkness and so the boys decided to continue with the game. Before midnight, the 3 finally decided to start trotting back to Red Dirt via what is now Tun Doi Road but first, three things had to be taken into consideration. The road was not paved, no lights and no kuruma-and before I forget, cell phones were still long before they were even invented let alone, nobody up in Red Dirt had any land line-NO HOUSE PHONE.

The 3 nay, started their journey into the darkness of nowhere land for home and before long, Carl pulled out a stick and lit it. The passing started, from Carl to John and from John to Frank and around the stick kept going. Umm umm good and before they knew it, their cerebellum started playing tricks on them in the dark. One of them saw a branch dangling in the dark along the way and started freaking out the others that the branch was actually a long snake in a tree. Every noise the tree branches made from the movement of the wind is oddly strange to their ears and as they approached the darkest area, John could have sworn Carl screaming out his lungs (he could have punctured them), SANAIPAZ!!!! and all took off like a pack of screaming rats running up the hill. By the time they got to Red Dirt, their earlier workout from shooting hoops was nothing compared to their high tailing like some scared Dingos.

That workout quickly changed though. They got to Nana's shack in Red Dirt, decided to find some grub and get a quick bite. One found a whole pot of rice, another a warm pot of soup and not wanting to wake anyone at the odd hour, one by one got a plateful of anything and everything. The soup had a very simple ingrediment: Chicken and fish bones, some meat here and there-one just had to fish them out, a bit of salt & pepper for taste and some water or else it wasn't soup. Each got their plate of grub, munched it down and aaaah-forget about showering. Climbed the look-out stairs and each to their respective sleeping quarters. One by one again, they lit their candles and each armed with a leather bonded Cowboy reading for the rest of the night (it's after midnight) so I should say morning reading until they passed out.

Bitoria & her Dawgs
They were awaken that very morning by Nana calling on their aunty Vicky. "Bitoria, Bitoria. Schimweta' bwe illulumasch nge ghulloogh aara angila allal silo" The three looked lazily at each other and smiled thinking, Blacky, Whity and Spot but they weren't about to wake up. It's still 5:30 in the morning. Thirty more minutes and Tata Linko's roosters will stop their cock-a-doodle-doing. That's their alarm cocks. IT'S WAKE UP TIME BOYS! As Tata Linko would always shout when it's time for meals. He's the cook and he doesn't ring bells or anything of that sort to get attention. He'd simply shout it out for everyone to hear meal is ready. HUnnnNGRY!!!!



Lex said...

Louis L'Amour?


That's Da 1. You too much CowBoy 2 no Lex?

Gus said...

Too funny, Bwiibw. Blacky, Whity me Spot re angilo allal silo. I like the alarm crock! Hee! Hee! Hee! xD