Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rainy Day Sunshine

The sun was out yesterday and I thought it'll be a good time to go out and cut the grass that's ready to cover the front door of my house. I've borrowed a lawn mower to get the job faster only to keep me back further from achieving today's goal. I decided first on running the bush cutter where the lawn mower can't go-finished that up and cranked up the lawn mower with a big bang. The blade was eating up the underside of the lawn mowers body instead of the grass.

It was already lunch time and I decided to take a peek under the piece of machinery. Raised it up high with a rope dangling from my erected tent right out the garage and boy, to my surprise, the blade was in much worst condition as I thought. It probably had its share of whacking up 2 inches of tangangtangang and rocks as it was really out of shape. That wasn't the only problem, it was attached backwards like clearing brush with the back of your machete. No wonder it wouldn't eat up the grass as previously tested.

Anyhow, I manage to take off the blade, got an old one that's just laying around in my storage and started to replace the one just taken off before I ran into another problem. The piece of metal that hold the blade together to the shaft had no holes for nuts and bolts which will hold it in place. I decided on drilling two holes on this piece of metal and boy, that was hard work already in itself.

I first used my battery operated drill which took a good 15 minutes off my cleaning time with only about 1/8th of a hole drilled. I have an electric drill but decided against driving to get it but left me with no choice. I finally managed to get it, started drilling again and finally got it done after an hour. It's 3:00 p.m. already and it's starting to rain again. I looked outside and said to myself "please, not now. Come back some other day but not today" The miracle of prayers. It stopped raining and by the time I'd finish up work on attaching the blade and ready, set to run the lawn mower, the pulley quit on me. I couldn't even pull start the dang machine.

I was about to give up and call it a day but again decided against it. By the time I had put it back together and finally started the lawn mower, it was already after 5:00 p.m. I was joined by my youngest son Kyler and my wife Pat who both raked, trimmed flowers and swept the porch.

This labor was well rewarded when Ton and Jue stopped by with a chest full of "mil-maaras" na kind to drink. Chesa anyone?

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