Monday, September 10, 2007

Little Rascals

Grandson's calling "bitch"
My wife came from work last week exhausted so she decided just to lay back on the couch and relax for awhile. Our grandson Devin (who just turned 2 last July) came creeping up to her and bam goes a right hand blow on grandma's head. Just as she turned to see what had struck her, Devin was up and already climbing the two steps leading to his parents' bedroom. My wife kept staring into that direction when our grandson emerges from behind the wall only to be called libopa (stinky behind). I was sitting at the dining table and because I had scolded him from previous foul mouth, he used his open right hand to cover the right side of his mouth (as if I couldn't see his lips moving) and slowly whispered "bits". He had to repeat this three times because grandma couldn't make out what he was whispering until it finally came out quite clearly "BITS" that my wife almost fell out of the couch but Devin is fast, he was up and gone into his parents' room.
A couple of years ago during a Liberation's carnival held at the Memorial Park, our baby boy Kyker and his cousin Leiwi were both in the back sit exchanging non-sense with each other. My wife sat passenger on the front seat while I drove. It was a weeknight and we just decided that we'd just drive by and see how things were on the carnival ground. The rides were all up and going and just as I turned the vehicle into the direction of the carnival ground, we overheard these two geniuses behind us:
Leiwi Kyler, I think we're going to the carnival
Kyler Yeah nay but if we don't get down, it sucks but if we get down, it's gonna be DA BOMB
Hence, the personalized license plate now attached to my other Lamborghini-oh! Wait, I think that's the other vehicle which was never reported stolen.
Airport Parking
I took my whole family to see off our kompairi Lloyd who was going back to the mainland U.S. after the 9/11 incident. I had dropped all my excess baggage's at the airport terminal and proceeded down to the parking area to park DA BOMB. The Airport Police were all manning every parking entrance and when it came my turn for the car search for anything that might go boom, one of the smart-allecky officers asked his fellow officers "you guys are searching the underside and you can't even find any explosive devices-can't you read the license plates"

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