Saturday, November 17, 2007

A whole bunch

I've been neglecting my blogspot by writing fewer and fewer each month but at least a month receives its article for a change.

Today's Saturday and I was just downloading some pictures taken from a family picnic last week. My wife came in and asked whether I'm ready to work. Ready or not-as if I had a choice, had to leave what I was doing to see what she had in mind for me. It was an easy tasked which took less than half an hour but the cleaning up portion of it took up most of my time.

My daughter is out working this Saturday which left me, my wife, our son Kyler and our "handful" grandson Devin at home. I'm cleaning up already from what had been tasked by my wife and every time I'd take things outside, Devin would run out after me, he calls me dad my wife mom. So, he'd run out after me and would shout "dad, wait-Devin foller" His choice of words are not that much clearer than the foul words he had picked up from others.

His parents are here to pick him up to go to Oleai as he's been with us since last Sunday. He comes in running to tell me he's going with mommy and daddy. Gives me a hug and "bye-bye" off he goes.

Our nieces and nephews are here too. Loni is here with them with her beautiful daughter Skyler or Sky-Ling as she calls her. We were suppose to get together since this morning but her brother John had asked to take them all on a Saturday stroll. They just left and now, my wife is busy with her cleaning while I am here catching up on blogging.

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KapGert said...

Ai a dei, si nani nani pupu pampers!