Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monsoon Flowers

Last Friday wasn't much of a Friday like any other as the wind was still blowing from the west and with it came more gray clouds. It started getting boring come 3 p.m. so here I was again. I looked out the backyard and saw this beautiful flower that sprouted from what probably is from the same species as the taro. I grabbed the camera and began taking some pictures. I guess I got a bit carried away from snapping as I went around the house taking pictures of almost every blossom there was to snap at-in a somber way. That's one thing about the monsoon season. It brings with it an array of colors. Beau-tee-ful!

Rising Sun & Sabors
Da Opening & Fury Claw
Lang & Whatevers
Bogie & Da Risen Sun
Purple Cluster & Oranges
Hiding Claws & Hi-B
Fury Lion & Tai-bo
Sin-sir & White cotton
Boorie & Artist

And some nuts too
Poo & Pools
Kenneth's visit
Junior, our eldest son, visited us Saturday evening with his family (Devin, baby Kenneth and their mom Catherine) just as our binoculars were fixed on the tube watching "3:10 to YUMA". The concentration on the tube broke when we heard Devin's loud voice "hello...Kyler...". I went up the front door and there he was with his mom also carrying baby Kenneth who was all bright eyed and smiling (probably happy to see his old man again).

The Magic
Junior, Catherine and baby Kenneth left around 10 or so and so we went back to watching more DVDs when Devin came up to me and wanted me to "make magic". I use to trick this boy into holding something (be it candy or gum) in my closed palm, stick out the index finger of the same hand and play with his ear while at the same time saying "magic, magic...", open my hand and show whatever it was in my hand to him to his amazement. That is the magic and now, I'm running out of it as I don't have candy or gum for it. One time he came up to me, grabbed my hand, put it to his ears and there he was on his own "magic, magic" and when I opened my empty hand in front of him to find nothing, tried his luck on his other ear hoping the magic would work. Ai adai this boy. Another time he attempted this, all he found was a young betel nut in my hand which he gave up on. No more magic that time but last night, I had to tell him that my magic only works when the sun is up and shining. "Ooooo! When the sun come up" and I just replied "yes" and that was the end of the subject-at least for now.

Pat and I took him to Sunday service but on our way there to Church, I told him to behave during the service. He said "yes" but wasn't looking at me but facing straight forward as if to say "why bother". "Devin, do you hear me" again "yes" but I guess I don't have to say what happened in church as you would already know.

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Boni said...

Omygosh, those flowers are so gorgeous. I'm gonna have to bust out my camera tomorrow and take some pics too. Your pictures inspired me.