Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Rolling thunder here and there. It's been like this for 2 days and nights-I think. Right after my honey bun left for work this morning, I decided to cook something for my grumbling stomach. Besides the drizzling rain and occasional thunder rolling and our son Kyler with the television, everything was quiet for me in the kitchen as I went about with my preparation. Guess what it is I'm cooking for breakfast. Yep!!! The same thing Kyler had earlier when I came out to see off honey bun to work.

The peaceful moment vanished when my Par Ton came up the door unexpectedly and attempts to get my attention "oyy-oyy". He really got my attention alright because he frightened me from my concentration as I was dicing the SPAM-Oooops, said it. He giggled and walked out towards the back of the house probably to pick walawal. What else is there to do in the backyard except pick leaf but as the saying goes "do onto others what you want others done to you", it was done. As he came straight by the kitchen window, I yelled out and boy-you should have seen the look on his face. He was more scared than I was as he abruptly turned towards my direction-rounded eyes, puckered lips and a stance as if he was going to do the chacha with his back arched backward just as a scared cat would. I can't help but laugh at his reaction. He continued off walking and mumbled "se-lomw".

That's my Kompairi

Wait a minute!!!!!
Something's very wrong here. This can't be his picture. My kompairi has no teeth-unless of course, he had them fixed. He sent me the wrong picture. I told him to send the one with his best smile and this is what he sent. Dang it par!
U-1-na-b WIL SMITH you.

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