Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eddie and the Rifle

I remember a time when my cousin Eddie and I would play around in Chalan Kanoa. We hated our older sibs as they would tell us not to do the things we wanted to do. Ed's older sister Abby had told him not to go anywhere but you know how we were when we were kids. We don't wanna listen. Our houses were not far apart from each other so Eddie can hear me playing around outside while Nana Leighamal weeds around her little garden of taro, yam and sweet potatoes.

Ed came running so we played awhile before Abby came over and started scolding him to go back home and nap. He left with Abby, screaming from the top of his lungs, not wanting to go home. No more than five minutes later, he comes walking, dragging his dad's (uncle Sim) .22 rifle behind him. He came over to me and said "we're gonna shoot Abbelina if she comes again" and that certainly was not going to happen. Abby came with a long tangangtangang stick in hand ready to give my cousin Ed a good whipping. Good thing Nana didn't know anything about the rifle. She would've lallanguu'la.

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