Tuesday, November 20, 2007

...like Cats N Dogs

Yesterday was a day I couldn't do anything. The rain was pouring and boy-it was like a mini typhoon had landed here in Kagman. It went on for sometime that the wind was pounding hard on the sliding door in the back. I couldn't even make out what was outside the glasses as my vision was obscured by the heavy downfall against the sliding glass.

I decided against going outside but a cup of tea would have made the trick. Brewed some and poured myself a cup of steaming hot tea while the rain and wind did its stuff outside. My front door was open so there I was looking outside just watching mother nature reaping leafs while it gives its dose of pouring rain. Good thing the wind wasn't coming from the west. It would have meant disaster for me. I wonder if Gus Kaipat was out there taking photos of the weather yesterday.

Today's a lot better though. The skies still gray but the wind had settled a bit. I've borrowed my brother-in-law's lawn mower yesterday but since it rained, who was about to operate something like that under the rain? Now, I'm thinking whether I should go pick it up or live it until the weather really is appropriate.

Our handful grandson Devin is still down in Oleai and his other grandma had called earlier saying Devin wanted to talk to me on the phone. But before handing him the phone, she tells me Devin's temperature was a bit high since last night. I got to talk to him and he sounded find on the phone and all the while was saying something like "...Devin go hopital". Anyone ask him if he's sick and he'll only respond "no". He wouldn't take any medication even if you wrestle with him. You get that stuff in his mouth and he'll just throw it back out.

I got to thinking in tricking him by mixing a little liquid children's Tylenol in his drink but the minute he puts it up his mouth to drink, he returns it back and would ask for something different, only this time, it better be in a different cup and it better be H2O or one will be mopping up from the floor. SUPER-ACTIVE na kid-o this one!!!! I also spoke with his mom and ask her to take him to the hospital as he'll not take any sort of medication to sooth his fever.

On a different note, I want to share what follows as all these goonies making faces in it are a very wild and craaaazzzy bunch.
Get yourself away from them Devils honey!!!! They NO SEE, HEAR & SPEAK...

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