Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My grandson Devin was with us here at home last night. The power was off again in this area (earlier in the evening) around 7:30 but was illuminated by what was left from a full moon. Ai adai this Consumers Using Candles. What is next? Someone stole the generators? Anyway, my daughter and my youngest son were watching T.V. while Devin was going about doing his own business when a loud fire cracker popped somewhere around the neighborhood. He jumped from where he was, ran over to me (wide eyed) and asked "was dad" (what's that) and I said "fire cracker". He attempted to repeat back what I had said, only it came back to me with a little Ajinomoto "fire *ucker". I nearly collapse while my daughter and my son started giggling from where they sat but they seemed to enjoy what he had said as they kept repeating to him"fire cracker". Na kids hamyo!

I tried to erase that from his mind though (as if I could). The next time he heard another pop he asked again "was dad" only this time I told him "chew pow" but my son and daughter liked "fire cracker" better but I gave them both that shut up look.

I got a better idea so I went into our room (Devin following) where I still have a stash of fire crackers from last year, took out a bundle and he probably thinks it's some kind of candy. "Was dad" I told him "chew pow" as I walked him out into the backyard. Got myself an empty can, stuck in the fire cracker and lit it. He started burning-rubber into the house as the fuse started sparking and as it took into the air and popped I went inside and said "see-chew pow". He dare not go out anymore for his curiosity.

A Night Out Together

My wife and I went out one night-only this time, we didn't go far because Devin's home. Brought along our drinks from our refrigerator and we were on our merry way thinking we're going to drink away-only the two of us, in a not so well lit area where we can sit together and it's where I'll whisper sweet nothing into her ears. This is where we'll both dialogue with nothing to worry about because Devin is in good hands at home and then out of nowhere, this episode was going back to reality.

Devin wasn't even suppose to be in this picture but he was-physically! But this is suppose to be a night only for my wife and myself, all cuddly, romantic and whatever else there is that couples do together.

Wait a minute! My wife and I did go out. We didn't go far. We each had a drink from our refrigerator but hellerrr! We are sitting in our garage along with Devin who is eyeing mom's drink on the table. So much for a romantic night. REALITY CHECK!!!!

Devin-Devin drink?
Mom-No, dad get mad
Devin-No, no get mad!

Because I've been brought back to reality, I pretend not to hear what they're saying but he's there sitting next to grandma across from me-still eyeing her drink.

Devin-Devin drink?
Mom-Dad get mad
Devin-Devin hide?
Mom-Dad get mad
Devin-No, no get mad Beebin, K?

Grandma finished what remained of her drink and gave the empty can to his grandson who slowly slid down below the table out of grandpa's view. Do Your Stuff sonny.

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